Industries in Wall, SD

Wall, SD is home to a wide variety of businesses, most of them family owned. From Wall Drug (one of the most famous stores and destinations in the United States) to the Wall Meat Processing Plant, restaurants, telecommunications companies, and healthcare providers, Wall has a little bit of everything. 

Target Industries

Wall, SD is in the geographic center of the U.S., making us the ideal spot to reach customers nationwide. This, combined with our natural resources and space availability, make us an ideal location for small manufacturing companies and back office support centers. 

We are also an excellent place for agriculture and value added agricultural products. 

Our low cost of living and low utility costs are also beneficial for tech companies looking to escape the big city and serve their customers from a safe, affordable and family-friendly community.




Packaging/Assembly of Goods


Food Processing

High-Tech Manufacturing

Value-Added Ag

Precision Ag

Wholesaling and Distribution


Industrial Services


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