West River Electric Association

West River Electric Association (WREA) is a non-profit electric cooperative headquartered in Wall.As a member-owned corporation, West River Electric is dedicated to providing over 12,000 member-owners with the best service at the lowest possible price. The physical plant of West River Electric consists of over 2,500 miles of line in western South Dakota located within Pennington, Meade, Haakon, Ziebach, Jackson and Shannon Counties. West River’s distribution system covers nearly 100 percent in an area of 4,500 square miles.

Electric Rates

Commercial Service with over 50 kVA to 250 kVA of transformer capacity (Rate Class 50):

Base Charge: $69.00 per month

Energy Charge: First 10,000 kWh @ $0.0847;  all over 10,000 kWh @ $0.0697

Demand Charge: First 25 KW of demand $12.00; all over 25 KW @ $13.00

Commercial Service with over 251 kVA to 1,000 kVA of transformer capacity (Rate Class 51):

Base Charge: $79.00 per month

Energy Charge: First 10,000 kWh @ $0.0847; all over 10,000 kWh @ $0.0697

Demand Charge: First 25 KW of demand $12.00;  all over 25 KW @ $13.00

Commercial Service with 1,001 kVA or greater transformer capacity (Rate Class 54):

Base Charge: $79.00 per month

Energy Charge: All kWH are at $0.063  

Demand Charge: All KW will be charged at $15.00

Contact West River Electric Association

PO Box 412
1200 4th Avenue
Wall, SD 57790
(605) 279-2135


Visit West River Electric's Website

Water and Sewer

City of Wall

Drawing on five (5) deep local wells and the West River Lyman Jones Rural Water System, the city serves more than 866 customers an average of 188,000 gallons of water per day. The 2013 drinking water report found that the relative susceptibility of Wall's drinking water supply to contamination is low.

Max Daily Capacity: 9,000,000 GPD

Peak Load: 400,000 GPD

Storage Capacity: 300,000 overhead gallons

Sewer (Sanitary Sewer) Lagoon Treatment Plant: 89 Acres

Contact Wall City

Po Box 314
501 Main St.
Wall, SD 57790
(605) 279-2663


Visit Wall City's Website

Solid Waste

City of Wall

Wall’s Public Works Department maintains a dumping yard for waste that is open at all times (waste, cardboard, newspaper, aluminum). Contact Public Works for dumping other items.

Contact Wall Public Works

(605) 279-2563
Visit Wall Public Works Rubble Site


Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative Inc.

415 Crown St.
Wall, SD 57790
(855) 888-7777


Golden West offers bundled services to fit every lifestyle. Choose from a variety of Internet speeds, cable TV packages and home telephone options to make a bundle that’s right for you.


Golden West provides advanced broadband Internet at speeds to fit your home and business needs. All Internet packages come with email account options and VIPRE Computer Protection software. Golden West can also assist you with website development and offers Golden Shield Computer Support services.

Cable Television

Golden West has a variety of cable television packages, offering over 120+ channels, including HD programming, local channels and premium movie packages. Golden West offers several options to enhance your television services, such as Digital Video Recording (DVR), Pay-Per-View and Video on Demand, and TV Everywhere streaming video.


Golden West’s reliable landline telephone service comes with a variety of valuable features, including long distance, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and telemarketing screening services. They also provide Expanded Local Calling Areas: customers residing on either side of the Missouri River can call any location on the same side toll-free.

DSL/ADSL, Digital, Fiber, ISDN

Closest point of Presence: Wall, SD

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