Can We Remain Connected in an Ever-Changing Hybrid Environment?

16 Apr 2022


Hybrid and remote work has become a mainstay since 2020. While there is a desire to be back in the office, there’s also a desire to work from home on an ad-hoc basis. Despite negative perceptions of remote work, employees generally work just as effectively at home as they do in the office. This new trend toward an ongoing hybrid work environment allows much more flexibility in the schedules of many employees — but what about staying connected? 

As some employees may be entirely remote and others are coming into the office on varying days, it poses the challenge of truly connecting with peers and leaders in the workplace. For those in leadership positions, we want to see our employees reach their full potential. This becomes complicated in a hybrid environment, which is why it’s crucial to consider the potential for remote voices to be underrepresented. Leaders have the opportunity to take early action and initiative to avoid this problem. By reaching out for personal conversations, organizing virtual/in-person events and fostering career development, the workplace and work culture can transform.

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