Meet Wall Economic Development Corporation Board Member Jackie Heathershaw

Meet Wall Economic Development Corporation Board Member Jackie Heathershaw Main Photo

8 Dec 2023


Wall EDC Investors Create Positive Change for the Community

Last year, Jackie Heathershaw invested in the Wall Economic Development Corporation and took on a role as Board Member. Heathershaw has always been drawn to helping the Wall community thrive. She has a strong focus on helping to make improvements in the community that will enhance the overall quality of life for Wall residents.

Heathershaw’s career has been primarily centered around bettering the Wall community. Her involvement with the Wall community began decades ago.

In 1998, Heathershaw’s good friend Paullyn Carey asked her to join the Wall Chamber Board of Directors. Heathershaw decided to take on the role of Secretary/Treasurer for the Wall Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce and stayed on for about 20 years.

“It was then time to let some younger ones come in and take over,” Heathershaw said.

In Autumn of 2022, she was invited to sit on the Wall EDC Board by former Director Kallie Carey. She accepted the position and has remained on the Board to this day.
“My duties are to help oversee and also help with everything that we are trying to do in building and expanding and promoting our community,” Heathershaw said.

Striving for Excellence in Wall, South Dakota

Heathershaw emphasized the importance of teamwork when working toward advancing a community. Her work involves collaborating with a variety of businesses, organizations, and individuals to make positive changes throughout Wall.

“My experience as a board member has been truly awesome,” Heathershaw said. “It has enlightened me to the fact of how many it takes to get things rolling and make sure your community is growing and expanding.”

Heathershaw appreciates the cooperation of all who aim to create and maintain a bright future for Wall.

“It takes drive and determination from a crew of people and sometimes that is very hard to do,” she continued. “The WEDC is a Board set out to make things happen, and things are truly happening in the small town of Wall, SD thanks to so many people.”

How to Become an Investor for Wall EDC

Eligibility to serve on the Wall EDC Board of Directors, attend Board meetings, and vote at the annual meeting can be obtained through an Annual Investment to Wall EDC. The 2022 Investor Levels include Individual, Business, and Gold Business.

As an investor for Wall EDC, you are partnering with us to meet our goal: to improve the quality of life of residents in our city and to build wealth of the community. Through your investment, you are contributing to economic growth and spurring a heightened collective well-being for community members.

An investment with Wall EDC will go toward continuous efforts that positively impact the community. Together, we share a common interest in consistent community progress throughout the City of Wall, a place where future generations will be proud to call home.

Businesses and individuals who are interested in becoming an investor for Wall EDC can contact us for more information at (605) 279-2658 or

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