Fall is a spectacular time of the year that represents beauty in transition.

30 Sep 2019


Wall Meat Processing

 As we all know Janet and Ken have made a significant contribution to our small town of Wall.  We were happy to learn that shortly after Labor Day Wall Meat Processing was recognized by Senator John Thune.

meat processing

Investing in the future of your community.

Wall Economic Development Corporation has been inviting local businesses and individuals to become investor/member of WEDC to help our community to grow.

The goal of Wall Economic Development is to improve the quality of life of residents in Wall.

invest in the future of our community

Change Network

Executive Director of WEDC, Liliya Stone attended first cohort of Change Network. “I am honored to be a part of this group and excited to spend next year working with mentors to bring positive change to our community” – said Liliya Stone.

liliya stone

liliya stone at change network

Started in 2017, South Dakota Change Network has made it possible through the collaboration of 3E Productions, Bush Foundation, CommonSense Consulting@Work, MillerHale Associates, NAS and SDSU Extension. Participation in South Dakota Change Network is generously funded by the Bush Foundation and includes the opportunity to apply for a small grant to assist a project, which impacts the individual’s organization in positive and significant ways.

Produce Market

There has been some good thing happening in town. Wall Mall continues to hold produce market every Wednesday with variety of brightly colored produce.

canned goods

Wall in the Fall

On September 28th we had a Wall in the Fall event. It was a family oriented day with lots of fun activities and laughter.

wall in the fall

We appreciate everyone’s help and those who participated and helped us make it happen.

Wheelin’ to Wall

Charon Geigle organized and hosted third annual Wheelin’ to Wall event. Despite the bad weather Wheelin’ to Wall brought in a crowd of people for the ride through the beautiful Badlands National Park on Saturday, September 28th.

Besides the scenic ride through the Badlands Wheelin’ to Wall welcomes folks into our community where they explore our local amenities, stay at the local hotels, enjoy a variety of restaurants and shopping.

Chase the Ace

WEDC started a fundraiser: Chase the Ace lottery. Chase the Ace-style lottery is a kind of progressive raffle where the jackpot continues to grow over time.

In Chase the Ace there are 2 chances to win at week’s events that are held: the initial ticket draw and the jackpot game.

In the initial ticket draw, a winning ticket is pulled and the holder of the winning ticket takes 20 % of the week’s ticket sales while 30% is reserved for a building jackpot and the remaining 50% is retained by the WEDC (fund

goes to community events, scholarships and Economic Development projects). The initial draw winner then plays the jackpot game by choosing a playing card from a card deck. If the initial winner draws the Ace of Spades, he/she also wins the jackpot.

If he/she doesn’t draw the winning card, the card he/she chose is destroyed and the remaining cards are secured until the next event. The jackpot can continue to grow over several events until someone pulls the winning card (Ace of Spades).

There is a maximum of 52 draws and a maximum of 52 cards permitted for use.

chase the ace board

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