Hello Autumn!

2 Oct 2018


Everybody noticed that Fall is here: leaves turned yellow and red, it is getting colder outside and the football season is in full swing. It is time to fall into fall.

Wheelin’ to Wall

On Saturday, September 22nd, Charon Geigle organized and hosted the second annual Wheelin’ to Wall event. Wheelin’ to Wall brought in a huge crowd of people ages 11 years to 72 years old. The courses to choose from: a 100-mile ride, a 40-mile ride, a 20-mile ride and a 10-mile ride through the beautiful Badlands National Park.

Wheelin’ to Wall hosted 85 participants who chose one of the four riding distances. Participants came from four different states such as ND, SD, WI, MN and NE. Wheelin’ to Wall brought people into our community they stayed in the local hotels, ate in local restaurants, used services of our local gas stations.

We hope the event will grow and attract even more people in the coming years.


4th Avenue Floral celebrated Fall by holding a Fall Festival. The festival was a pop-up event organized by several area entrepreneurs featuring: LuLaRoe by Miranda Kruse, Local homemade by Peggy Lurz, PLA Café Baked Goods from Merit Clawson, L&L Designs Boutique, Ginny’s -Coffee & Misc, Handmade Wooden Items from Mike Piroutek, Polished Jewlery, Usborne Books, Chaulk Courture by Kailey Rae, Wood Signs by Rebecca Lytle, Crafts rom Anie Lytle.

This week the Wall community celebrates WHS Homecoming. Homecoming is a community-wide celebration. Homecoming week will be filled with exciting activities including: a Coronation ceremony, volleyball games, a homecoming parade, a community appreciation supper, and, of course, the Homecoming football game.

We are also very exited to introduce new organization to our community – Creative Community Concepts.

Creative Community Concepts is a non-profit organization with one main purpose! ” To bring the love of Art to communities by inspiring the act of creativity!”

“CCC will focus on events for children and adults and we are so excited to announce our debut at the Wall Fall event, which will be held October 14th at the Wall Community Center! During the Wall Fall we will introduce a cupcake decorating party.  Just don’t forget to bring your smiles and in return we will provide the sprinkles, eatable glitter, candies and frosting at no charge to you!

Our next event will be the Wall Craft Fair and then….!! Get ready for this! A Slime making class will be held on November,16th.  We are happy to bring activities and fun events to Wall and the community! We hope that with community effort we can build a strong relationship with each other and inspire our youth and adults to reap the rewards of fun and wholesome events! “, says the leader of the Creative Community Concepts organization.

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • Wall in the Fall – October 14th 11am-3 pm (Community Center)
  • Bring your A Game to Work – October 15th 8:30 am (Community Center, conference room)
  • Everybody Walks –October 29th 5:30 pm (Community Center)

fall bucket list

What does your Fall bucket list look like?

I hope you are ready for the fall.

Liliya Stone,

WEDC Executive Director

(605) 279-2658


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