Celebrate National Volunteer Month in Wall, SD!

Celebrate National Volunteer Month in Wall, SD! Main Photo

30 Mar 2023


Nonprofits and charities in Wall, South Dakota can use assistance from volunteers! Help celebrate the upcoming National Volunteer Month by donating your time, energy, and skills to organizations in Wall. Whether you have experience as a volunteer or haven’t worked in any related positions, you have what it takes to help strengthen our community through volunteer work. 

National Volunteer Month is observed during April every year, to honor the hard work of volunteers in Wall and across the nation, and to show appreciation for the lasting impact they make on their communities. This month-long celebration offers a time to encourage community members to actively volunteer at charities and nonprofits in Wall.

Wall is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of life of its residents and serving their every need. In 2021, South Dakota had the 6th highest formal volunteering rate of all U.S. states. However, many charitable organizations are still struggling in the wake of the pandemic and require more help from volunteers. Keep South Dakota in 6th place by volunteering in Wall and recruiting friends and family to do the same. 

Volunteering comes with many benefits. Not only are you helping others, but you are also developing skills that can potentially be added to your résumé and assist in landing jobs. Hands-on experience in a work setting can lead to strong critical thinking and social skills. Being involved with and having exposure to a workplace can also instill confidence in an individual, which employers tend to look for.  

Volunteer in Wall, South Dakota

Wall is surrounded by honorable organizations and charities that depend on volunteers. Organizations in and around Wall can always use support from local volunteer efforts. If you are a resident of Wall, consider volunteering for some organizations near you!

One organization that counts on volunteers is the Wall Volunteer Fire Department. The Fire Department consists of local volunteers who are on-call for emergency fire situations. These volunteers go out of their way to extinguish fires that arise in Wall. Similarly, Wall Ambulance depends on volunteers to help provide emergency medical services throughout Wall. 

These services need volunteers! The more people become active volunteers for these services, the more chances there will be for a better outcome when putting out fires and providing medical care. Wall residents who are interested in volunteering can contact the Wall Volunteer Fire Department at (605) 279-2526 and Wall Ambulance at wallambulance@gwtc.net. 

Find More Ways to Help in Wall

Giving back to the community starts with you. In order to make a difference, you will first need to identify the areas in your community that could use some positive change. Whether you are doling out food for the homeless, walking dogs for an animal shelter, or even dousing unexpected building fires in your community, these are some common ways to lend a hand.

VolunteerMatch is a convenient search engine for volunteer opportunities in your area. Type in your location to find volunteer opportunities near you.

Contact Wall Economic Development Corporation if you are planning on starting or expanding your organization in Wall. Give us a call or send us an email so we can begin assisting you.

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